Challenge 4: Configurable

Traceability is established as specified, moment-to-moment, and the rich semantics accommodate changing stakeholder needs.


  • Description

    Traceability is established and used with consistency across the distributed teams in the vision scenario, to suit the particular needs of the engineer

  • Problem Addressed

    The traceability solution is generally fixed upfront for a project and rigid thereafter. Once a traceability information model and an enabling process have been agreed to on a project (if at all), it can be problematic to change the particulars mid-project. Even when the traceability process is pre-defined and agreed, it is

Research Projects

Major Research Project:

Dynami Traceability Information Models

Use of dynamic, heterogeneous and semantically rich traceability information models (or similar specifications of the intended traceability) to guide the definition and pro-vision of traceability.

Supporting Research Projects:

Research Project 2.

Provide better ways to define the traceability that is required on a project, accommodating varying levels of granularity and rich semantics to account for differing tracing needs, artifacts and periods of the project life cycle. This could be via traceability information models or other specification concepts.

Research Project 3.

Provide a mapping from the traceability information model (or similar specification concept) to its instantiation on a project, so as to support change, and enable compliance checks and consistency management in its implementation.

Research Project 4.

Investigate techniques to automatically propose traceability information models (or similar specification concept) based on an analysis of stakeholders

Research Project 5.

Investigate how to reconfigure or re-purpose a pre-existing set of traces to accommodate changes in the definition of the traceability information model (or similar specification concept).

Industry Practice

Industry Practice 1.

Practitioners use a traceability information model (or similar specification concept) to define and update their traceability intentions for a project. This process will be sup-ported and form an integral part of the traceability solution.

Industry Practice 2.

Practitioners work on global and distributed projects establishing traceability consistently as intended (which may not mean homogeneous) irrespective of locale.

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