Challenge 1: Ubiquitous

Traceability is always there, without having to think about getting it there. Traceability is neither consciously established nor sought; it is built-in and effortless. It has effectively


  • Description

    There is no mention of traceability anywhere in the vision scenario. Traceability is truly behind the scenes. The engineer is not putting traceability in place explicitly, it is established automatically via her actions and via the actions of others. Traceability of the requirements trade-offs and negotiations are automatically captured from the tooling environments she uses, along with the rationale. Traceability data is presented to her in a ready-to-use and usable manner as a by-product of using her tools, and is never explicitly sought. Traceability never disrupts her from her primary tasks and she does not even spend a micro second thinking about it. Many software components, systems and services are customized or even composed by engineers who are unaware of the detailed specifics of the underlying technologies and traceability information.

  • Problem Addressed

    Traceability is perceived as, or actually is, a burden by practitioners as it is mostly manual and repetitive in nature. Establishing or using traceability often interrupts tasks that are considered more primary when it comes to software and systems development, and requires engineers to use special-purpose tools. Moreover, traceability is not always considered as an essential and integral part of the development process, and is often regarded as a hindrance, with traceability functionality lacking in many general-purpose development tools. Establishing traceability manually is also open to human error and inconsistency, and its quality is only as good as the efforts of its weakest human link. Traceability should not be the goal of software and systems development, it should not force a break in the engineer

Research Projects

Major Research Project:

Traceability Automation and Integration

Providing automation such that traceability is encompassed within broader software and systems engineering processes, and is integral to all tool support.

Supporting Research Projects:

Research Project 2.

Embed traceability into all the software and systems engineering techniques and methods that it facilitates, and transfer this into industrial tool support.

Research Project 3.

Total automation of trace creation and trace maintenance, with quality and performance levels superior to manual efforts.

Research Project 4.

Investigate novel ways to define the traceability strategy, such as in an executable way so that the traceability solution simply follows from the specification of need, as per model-driven or formal development.

General Comments

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Author: Jane Cleland-Huang Date: 2012-02-25 16:33:35
Message: Many of them are being worked on - but there are entire areas that are as yet untouched. In another part of this website we have a list of recent publications related to traceability - and we are in the process of trying to connect these together. Setting up this website is going to take another few months - but once "completed" you'll be able to see publications that address specific grand challenges.
Author: Matt Harp Date: 2011-09-02 09:50:42
Message: Are the research projects listed here actively being worked on?
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