About CoEST

cloud1CoEST is an international organization founded in 2006 to tackle the pervasive challenges of implementing effective software and systems level traceability. With members from across the USA and Europe, our mission is to advance traceability research, education, and practice by identifying the grand challenges for traceability, fostering international research collaborations focused on the grand challenges,  developing a repository of benchmarks for traceability research, developing and delivering tutorials in the areas of requirements engineering and traceability, developing a Body of Knowledge for traceability, cultivating partnerships with industry and academia, and  providing the infrastructure needed to support the above.

CoEST was launched in 2006 using seed funding provided by the USA National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA).  In a three day meeting hosted at NASA's IV&V facility in Fairmont, West Virginia, traceability researchers and practitioners worked together to discuss and formulate an initial draft of the Grand Challenges of Traceability.  The National Science Foundation (NSF) then funded a special symposium on the Grand Challenges of Traceability, in Slade, Kentucky, where researchers presented cutting edge research that addressed some of these challenges.  The Grand Challenges of Traceability project, remains one of the primary activities of our center, and has recently led to a completely revamped and revised version of the challenges.

The TRACY project is a three year endeavor funded by a $3 Million NSF grant, to deliver instrumentation to the Traceability community.  As part of this project, we are working to develop benchmarks and datasets that can be used by researchers to more rigorously and comparatively evaluate new traceability processes.  We are also developing TraceLab - an instrument for designing, executing, and analyzing traceability experiments.  TraceLab is a three year project running from 2010-2013, and is currently under Alpha release to collaborators.

In addition to supporting research activities, CoEST is committed to providing high quality training materials for use by practitioners, and also traceability materials for use in introductory software engineering courses.   Please stay tuned as this material is added in the coming weeks and months.

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